No Rest: 14 Tales of Chilling Suspense


Get your beauty sleep now--once you start reading, it'll be No Rest for you!

Fourteen spine-tingling tales guaranteed to chill and unnerve!

You’ll find spies in training, experts in deceit, and desperate artists struggling under the weight of crushed dreams. You’ll meet disturbed domestics, ambitious chefs, and lowlifes with nothing left to lose.

You’ll thrill at these suspense-packed stories. So catch up on your beauty sleep.

Once you start reading, it’ll be No Rest for you!

"The author is a great storyteller. Ranging from crime drama to mystery-suspense, these shorts feature the best and worst of human nature. This anthology is making my TOP 2020 list."
AstraDaemon, Vine Voice

Mystery At The Hall

Seven years ago to the day, Helen Beecham went to the traditional village Halloween party, and she never left it


Unleash an apocalyptic curse… …and destroy an unsuspecting city? Never use magic on a powerful wizard. That was Emorith’s first

Behind the Stars

The search for love unleashes all forces in the Universe: Meet Peter Wornicki, a very intelligent and handsome, but socially

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