Nocturnal Emissions


Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories I penned in the spaces between larger eBook efforts. Most often these “brain flares” occur in the middle of the night, hence “Nocturnal Emissions”. Time passes and ideas come and go, soon there is a collection of the “in between short stories”. Some might be expanded on to become an ebook of their own and many remain just as they were conceived. Delightful and tasty entrée fabrications of imagination. Some have a beginning and end some don’t as they are just captured in a lightening flash. All of the stories are fiction, yet most have actual truths and or personal experiences in them at some point. I will let you sort out what you think is fact, fiction, fantasy and personal experience. Read and enjoy!


Apocalypse Z – The Prequel

Deep in the heart of the Congolese jungle Tara Lee, a brilliant scientist and workaholic, studies a mysterious new outbreak.

An Interview With Marcie Kane

Marcie Kane is the strong, independent and divorced heroine of The Marcie Kane Thriller Collection. Learn more about this fascinating

Before I Found You

At twenty-six, Courtney Price is trying to get her travel-writing career off the ground. It’s not as easy as she

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