All That Remains


They're coming - but no one is listening

Fifteen years ago, Lara Singer and the crew of Andorran fled a nightmare after the first contact with extraterrestrial life. The last words they heard from the aliens: We WILL COME for you. Now, in the final hours before their rendezvous with Earth, the crew of humanity’s only starship faces a devastating new reality: Earth is not responding to their hails.

Are they too late to warn humanity? Or is there another explanation? Lara, the accidental captain of Andorran, must navigate these perilous hours as the crew threatens to tear itself apart and an unseen nightmare rises from deep inside the ship. She will face devastating loss and must push through her grief to confront the emerging terror as time runs out.

Yet, she doesn’t realize an equal horror may await on Earth, as the corporate governments that now rule the world have no intention of allowing Andorran’s crew to set foot on the planet. However, their enemies in the underground insurgencies know how important Andorran might be to toppling the existing order. Which forces will intercept Andorran first?

Courage and sacrifice – on Earth and in orbit – will decide humanity’s future.

Uncovering Lily

✓ Alpha Millionaire Hero ✓ Virgin Heroine ✓ Stranded in a brothel (what can they do to pass the time?)

Graveyard Shift

Lana Harvey is a reaper, and a lousy one at that. She resides in Limbo City, the modern capital of

Wicked Storm

Task Force-77 (TF-77) is a black ops team of NSA and the US Military. This is the team, the U.S.

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