Overdoses in Olympia


Nick O’Flannigan thought he was just starting out on a freelance photography assignment.

Nick O’Flannigan thought he was just starting out on a freelance photography assignment.

But when he arrives in Olympia, he learns that there have been two overdoses in hospitals in the last week, both seemingly connected. With his keen eye for detail, he notices something in the photos that no one else sees.

But how will he, an out of town photographer and amateur sleuth, get that information to the right authorities before another patient dies?

You won’t find the answer until the very end of this powerful page-turner of a travel mystery. If you love Jack McEvoy, you’ll love this debut in the Capital City Murders series.

"As a former private investigator, I found the story concept intriguing and plot execution on point! It has been my experience that, in the quick read genre/format, character development can often feel rushed and lacking. That is definitely not the case here! High praise for superb character development, and plot progression. Definitely a 5-star recommend read! -Justin Hawk"
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