Marcus with a die-hard determination to pursue a career as a private investigator leaves his job as an officer behind. Just while the consequences of his actions begin to dawn on him as he roams the streets of Nebraska, jobless, broke and hungry, luck smiles on him.

There has been a kidnapping. An old college friend reaches out to Marcus about his rich uncle whose son had just been kidnapped. Without earlier knowledge on the dangers of the perils and uncertainties of this investigative adventure, Marcus dives in without a second thought. For he must prove to himself, and his doubtful mother, that he knows his onions.

Marcus’ genius is tested as he evaluates the case of the abduction of a college student from a rich home. There are almost no clues left in his search, as this kidnapping seems to have been the work of an evil mastermind. Everything seems to point in the opposite direction. The clues he finds in his search for the young, endangered boy keep pointing him back to where his search had begun – the wealthy Cromwell family.

There is a whole underbelly of betrayal, past violence and murder that finally blows open. And for the first time, edges this new PI, Marcus, in the right direction in his investigation. Would Marcus be able to connect the dots? Will he be quick enough before someone else gets killed?

This story explores the lengths people are willing to go for passion and conviction, for hatred and vengeance. It also reconnoiters the blessedness of determination and zeal in the quest for justice and demystification. This story is worth the read, and it would take you on a thrilling voyage through the criminal underworld and the efforts and exploits of hero-detectives who come along to restore order.

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