Possessed by the Alien King: A Scifi Alien Warrior Romance


My fated mate is my enemy. Nothing will stop me from claiming her.


I thought finding a habitable planet would save humanity. I was wrong. The Varool want the planet too, and the fierce alien warriors will win. As admiral, my father orders my research team to create a virus to sicken the Varool. It mutates. After killing their women, it wipes out our men.

To save humanity and ease my guilt, I will mate a Varool and bear his children. All while hiding who I really am.

Their brute of a king claims me, his gigantic body overwhelming my senses. Storr’s piercing gaze makes me shiver. If he ever finds out the part I played in all of this, crash landing on the planet will be the least of my worries.



Humans have seized the new planet I need for my people. As negotiations fail, varoolian women begin to die. Human protestations of innocence mean nothing. They are liars. I long for retribution. If I ever discover one of the surviving women made the virus…

No. I must set aside my fury to secure my people’s future. We need to reproduce with the humans. Although I have no plans to be first, a sweet musky scent ensnares my senses. Deirdre Hutchins is my fated mate. I must claim her. She is mine.

Yet consummation is not synonymous with trust. As we battle our way across the untamed planet, my suspicions mount. Will my mate prove treacherous or true?


Possessed by the Alien King is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a growly alien hero, a smart heroine, and plenty of adventure with a guaranteed HEA.

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