Pour Boy (The Starkford Series)


Can their love survive a few hot New Orleans Nights?

When a relationship is this perfect, something is bound to go wrong. Dawson Everly and her boyfriend, Patrick Butler, decide to take their euphoric new romance on a vacation to the Big Easy. However, their love is put to the test when their vacation turns into a journey of jealousy and self-discovery. Can Dawson and Patrick’s love survive a few hot New Orleans nights?

"I loved being able to continue reading about Dawson and Patrick's story! This was a quick read, and it was packed with both funny and touching moments. I highly recommend all the books in this series."
5 Star Review

The Cymage

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Seeking Treasures

Robert is the heart of the story. Charlie is the wise one. Andrew is the bully, and Phillip is the


Cadence Findley never gave much thought to vampires until one night when a dark encounter changed her life forever. When

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