Practical Hands-On Project-Based PYTHON With Real-World Project Example


Get An Automatic Car Wash System Codes with Python (GUI) And C++ (Controller). All Simulated, Tested and Proven GUI & Control System Project Codes with Schematics

A Python Programming Course for Anyone: From Children, Total Beginners, Hobbyists to Programmers

This Practical Hands-On Project-Based PYTHON Real-World Coding Example is the best-selling course that contains everything you need to master Python programming language. A self-paced tie with a project example will walk you through programming with Python 3 and we added spice to it to interface with C++.

The standard parts of this course is:
Arduino Mega 2560 to run C++ to control all inputs & outputs as the main control unit.
Raspberry Pi 4 to GUI and communicate with Arduino in bi-directional mode plus sending GUI parameters to it as well.
Two-channel active low 5V relay modules to control the pumps and Axis motor inverters
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Ultrasonic Sensor to detecting the fluid levels
Project schematic also included
All the above parts are used to create a project called the Automatic Car Wash Control system.

Hardware required to make this project working in your own place:

One raspberry pi 4 with 1GB or 2GB ram
One micro SD-card (16GB or 32 GB)
One monitor with keyboard and mouse or laptop with HDMI display
One micro HDMI to HDMI cable for the laptop or one micro HDMI to VGA cable for the monitor.
One USB to Type C cable for powering up raspberry pi.
One 5v, 3A power supply.

This is a no-fluff course that directly jumps to the project creation that will guide you in writing programs, solving problems, and making things that will work in no time. We even give you the whole project code in Python 3 and C++ available for download for FREE. The combined Python & C++ project codes are at $500 (USD) value, absolutely free for you. This means you are only spending less than 2% or less on this valuable programming course. This is absolutely a no-brainer.

You will be exposed to all the building blocks, programming concepts, flows, variables, lists, classes, and loops, and get practical clean working code both in Python and C++ so you can learn as you build the project in no time.

A bunch of videos will also be given to you as evidence so you know that what you get is working and will actually work when you put it all together.

If you’ve been on the fence waiting and thinking about programming, this Python & C++ Project Course will get you writing real working programs fast. At the end of it, you get to use it, customize it, to your own liking. So don’t wait any longer! Start Now!

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