What would you do if your greatest enemy was disguised... as your very own thoughts?

In a bid to transcend disease, aging and death, humanity has abandoned the real world by uploading consciousness into a virtual replica called Avalon. Malcolm Alter stays behind, believing it’s his duty to reconcile with the bittersweet transcience of life—that it’s the crucible in which the human spirit is forged.

But when Malcolm’s conscious mind is imprisoned within a collapsing virtual matrix by an old adversary, he must find a way back to his real body before it’s murdered—or remain trapped forever in The Void.

Death of a Dream

Short stories, poems, narratives, and musings, from the pen of Chris Lewando

Northern Fire

Jack Stone just wants a quiet life. He’s done his time. He’s out of the Regiment. He doesn’t want to

The Healer’s Curse

Lady Isobel brought death and destruction to the world, though she never meant to do it. Reliving her tale opens

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