Rationality Zero


It's time for another apocalypse.

His life is perfect. A perfect lie…

Michael Bishop has wealth he never earned. He never gets ill or pays taxes. He attends wild parties every night; he never goes to bed alone. He loves his life…

That is, until his handlers initiate his activation codes.
Then, whether he likes it or not, Bishop’s identity transforms, replaced by that of Asset 108 – a terrifying living weapon.

He’s deployed into impossible situations, fighting back insane nightmares from beyond imagination. It’s terrifying, thankless work, yet…

No one else can stand against the monsters.

It’s time for another apocalypse.
Bishop’s snark aside, he’s our last chance. But this time, a big mouth and reality-bending tech might not be enough. Asset 108 awakens to a world in chaos. The abominations have created unnatural gateways to realms beyond our own. Our reality is falling. Humanity will perish.

Everything relies on him. As he frantically fights through catastrophe after cataclysm, time and space both slip through his fingers.

It’s exactly the thing that he’s always feared…

The horrors have already arrived.

"I find Guillen's signature style and approach to his stories fascinating, thought provoking, and unique. Rationality Zero provides an interesting perspective on reality and how one deals with it. One review on a different forum compared Rationality Zero to "Bond meets Lovecraft." I think there's something to this. I could not help but ask myself the question, "Where do YOUR nightmares come from?" Guillen combines excellent storytelling with a unique sense of humor (and perspective). He challenges the reader to engage."
One of hundreds of five star reviews!

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