Sometimes the only way forward is to reach back through time

Of one thing Erin is certain, the troubles her family are facing are about to get a whole lot worse. Between her little brother being sick with a mysterious illness no one can cure and her parents growing more distant by the day, Erin’s only sanctuary is the powerful older boy she likes, Kieran. But the bubble of attraction he keeps her under hides a dark secret.

Then one big mistake turns Erin’s already precarious situation completely upside-down and threatens to destroy everything she holds dear. Her only options to save herself and her family both seem impossible: reach out to a girl locked in another time or a girl from another world who possesses remarkable powers.

But reaching out to the impossible may be the only thing that could save everything she values from breaking apart.

Reach is a paranormal time travel novella starter novella the starter story in the irresistibly compelling Tandro series. Perfect for anyone who loves paranormal fantasies and thrilling twists. And in Naomi E Lloyd’s unique style, there’s a more than a dash of romance and magic in this fast-paced imaginative series.

It packs a lot in but you won’t want to put it down!


Harry feels cheated by life. In his 30s, he’s just lost the love of his life, is unemployed and lives

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