Record of Deceit


Threatening phone calls; Disturbing letters. A woman disappears. Only 24 hours to find her before tragedy strikes.

Grace Pinfold is seventy-eight and lived in Stanton Parva all her life.
She turns to her neighbour, Lyn Blackthorn when threatening phone calls begin, a stranger stalks her and disturbing letters turn up.
Then Grace disappears. Can Lyn and her fellow amateur sleuth, Anthony Stanton, find Grace before tragedy strikes?
Their job is made more difficult by a disinterested Detective Inspector Riley, who thinks Grace has simply booked an illicit weekend away with a secret admirer.
Church records that do not make sense and the chaos of World War Two combine to threaten Grace.
It’s up to Ant and Lyn to untangle the mess.
Should they fail, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

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