RESTLESS: a Less Than Zero Rockstar Romance Prequel Novella


True Love Can Tame a Restless Soul


My mistakes nearly cost me everything, including my life.

Carter Pope is a rock superstar on the rise.

His band Limelight catapulted him into a world of fame and excess.

Meeting his soulmate was not in his plan.

Neither was having a son at age 19.

When he succumbs to a crippling addiction?

It’s all gone in an instant.

Now he’ll do anything to redeem himself and reclaim his family.

I got off the merry-go-round to protect my son.

Stunning prima ballerina Lianne Rocks is taking the ballet world by storm.

Coveted, worshipped, she has her pick of suitors.

But she only has eyes for one man.

Guitar superhero, Carter Pope.

Caught up in a merry-go-round of addiction and fame.

She leaves to create a stable life for herself and Zane.

Her son, the musical prodigy who really needs his dad.


When Carter gets clean, Lianne reluctantly lets him back into their lives.

Only so he can reconnect with his son.

Little did she know.

A restless soul can always be tamed by true love.

"I am blown away by how well written and entertaining this novella is as I feel like I have been on a roller coaster of emotions and loving every moment of it! The rich writing style and interesting plot drew my attention immediately and I easily found myself enthralled with Carter and Lianne's story. Restless is a bit of a bittersweet novella, but it is also a romance that beautifully highlights that a second chance at happiness and love is indeed possible even when the journey is long and bumpy."
Anna's Bookshelf 5-Star Amazon, BookBub, GoodReads Review

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