He's about to raise some hell.

Jay Frances can resurrect the dead. One touch is all it takes to restore life to even long-since cold flesh. Jay has always considered this ability more of a curse than a gift — that is, until the night he finds JoBeth Montgomery brutally murdered in a darkened stairwell and raises her.

Jo is the first he is able to restore fully, body, mind and soul. She is also bright, beautiful and before long, Jay finds that Jo fills the void that has been in his heart since the death of his wife. As a mutual attraction grows into something far deeper and more tender between them, so, too, does someone else’s interest in them. Jo had not been the victim of a random act of violence. Her assailant had been someone far more methodical, a sadistic serial killer the police call the Watcher.

Jay’s brother, Paul, knows about the Watcher’s methods all-too well. A seasoned homocide investigator, he’s also the lead detective charged with catching him. When he learns about Jo, and what had happened to her during her assault, Paul recognizes the modus operandi of the Watcher. He also sees the chance to use Jo as bait, to try and lure the elusive killer out of hiding.

Paul and his quarry have more in common than he can ever imagine. Paul knows of Jay’s extraordinary abilities; he’s seen them firsthand. But so has the Watcher. He knows Jo is alive, but that’s not what tempts him any longer. He’s watched something else that has fixated him: Jay and his ability to raise the dead. And now the Watcher embarks on a personal quest to see Jay do it again. And again. And again.


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