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The guy of her dreams kisses her. Then tells her he made a mistake.

Emerson Cahill is not having a good day.

The guy of her dreams, who also happens to be her boss, finally kisses her, only to tell her he made a mistake. Worse, now she has to spend the entire weekend at her brother’s wedding being reminded how very far away she is from her own happily ever after.

Ryan LeFleur feels lost being back at home in Camden Cove. His fiancé left him, he hasn’t been able to write in over a year and his mother is his only friend. The last thing he needs is to be set up at his cousin’s wedding—which he’s sure is going to be the worst, until he recognizes a beautiful brunette.

Sparks immediately fly, but can Ryan convince brokenhearted Emerson he’s the right one for her?


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