A Novella of Avian Terror

It’s that time of year again, that row of calendar boxes we all spend the winter months looking forward to. Summer vacation. A chance to escape the daily grind, to relax, unwind, reconnect, and get some sun.

For Jeff, those days have always been spent in Cape May, New Jersey, and this year is no exception. But a terrible surprise awaits those vacationing in Cape May County this year, and beachgoers soaking in the rays will be forced to turn their attention from funnel cake and tan lines to simply surviving the rest of the week.

Unquiet Souls

On the surface, psychologist Audrey Barrett is the perfect co-host for Michael Covenant’s new cable series, Project Demon Hunters. She’s

Get Well Soon

When they were in high school Becca gave Donovan a get well soon card. Since then, they’ve been the best

Taken by Lies

I was taken. Kidnapped by a boy I thought I could love. Then he sold me as if I were

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