First 5 chapters of Searching for Refuge


Faith. Security. Family When these are challenged, two sibling go about saving them in two very different ways.

It’s been nine years since the Great Desolation devastated the planet and ended the world as mankind knew it. Nine years since the hunted went into hiding, now desperately seeking a new sense of security and normalcy.

After nearly being caught above ground, food scavengers, and twins, Amina and Aiden are rattled to the core. Time in the tunnels may be running out sooner than they expected, but what could they possibly do about it? Both have lost so much already and refuse to let another loved one die at the hand of the Great Ruler.

Amina believes the only answer is a mass exodus to the mountains where another group is living hidden, protected by their God, Sabaoth. The only problem is that none of her leaders believe the danger is real. Determined to prove them wrong, Amina sets out anyway to find the hidden home of these people in the mountains so that she can find and return with proof before it’s too late.

With Amina away on a desperate search for options, Aiden grapples with his conviction to fight in the secret militia or obey the rules and stay out of trouble. What will Aiden choose and at what cost?

"This book sucked me in and transported me to another mindspace. The contrast of what we know as comfortable and familiar with what is frighteningly possible in a world gone rogue is a big reason why this book is so compelling. It makes you think. Farr does a beautiful job painting elaborate and contrasting settings for her suspenseful saga that highlights loyalty, individual purpose and the ingenuity humans discover in their will to survive. Her colorful cast of characters, with all their quirks and flaws, make you want to know them better. I love twists and turns, especially ones that really catch you off-guard, and this book certainly provides plenty of that. I look forward to reading what adventures lie in store for Amina and Aiden in their quests to save the Noztrim from certain annihilation. The next installment of the series can't come fast enough!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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