Seduced Into Love


The Noissy Roxxiee

Despite Berk Anderson’s effort to have his quiet world remain as it is, he could not help but feel that there was something intriguing about his guest that leaves him craving for more…

Free-spirited  Roxana had gone to New York in pursuit of the man that had stolen her heart away. But she had not realized that Berk Anderson was going to be the most uptight man she had ever met!

I Stopped Time

Edwardian Brighton. A wide-eyed girl enters Mr Parker’s photographic studio and receives her first lesson about the rising medium that


Tokyo, the ‘90s. When Alison Crane quit her environmental law practice and followed her hotshot investment banker boyfriend to Japan,

INVASION: Downfall

Prime Minister Harry Beecham has escaped death by a whisker. The government has collapsed, and London is a war zone.

Erotcia Spanking: Part I

Bella’s mother has plans for her young socialite daughter after she loses yet another job. Gone are the days of

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