Seeing Red


Smiley solves mysteries the old-fashioned way...with brains and shoe leather!

Something’s not right…in more ways than one.

Called to investigate an abandoned VW Bug, Houston P.D. officer, Steve Smiley senses something isn’t right about this whole scene. Then his eyes go haywire. Why is he seeing red when he says the victim’s name? Maggie is right. He needs a break from this dead-end job in stolen cars.

Smiley discovers the car belongs to a missing high school French teacher. Missing that is, until his body washes up after a violent rain storm. Armed with all the info he’s discovered so far, Steve seizes his opportunity to make a deal with the grizzled senior homicide detective. Detective Ray gives Smiley one week to solve the case or he’s sent packing…back to stolen cars.

All the evidence points to three brothers, triplets who have been in and out of their fair share of trouble. Steve’s gut instinct says this case is not so open and shut. It’s up to him to prove the brothers committed murder, or they didn’t. And if they didn’t, who did? Smiley is running the biggest race of his career…against the clock. Will his ability to see red help solve this case, or will Smiley be forever buried in stolen cars?


If you like the classic detectives, you’ll love Detective Steve Smiley. He has more tricks up his sleeve than Perry Mason!


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