Siege: Zero-Point Awakening Pilot Episode


The distance between hero and monster will be measured in corpses

Millicent Cuff leads a regular teenage life. She hikes in the hills, obsesses over boys, and is desperate to leave a good impression at her upcoming birthday celebration. When an experimental aircraft crashes close to her home, she recovers a strange broken sphere from the wreckage. The life she knew will be forever changed when an army places her village under siege and comes for her.

Hellinix, a shadowy multinational corporation, wants their artifact back and will stop at nothing to get it, even if that means threatening her friends and family. But they hadn’t counted on the other village secret: that Millicent’s father and his closest friends are some of the hardest men on the planet—retired SAS commandos. 

But when Millicent goes to ground to hide the sphere and receives a significant head-wound, Hellinix will wish they had killed her when they had the chance.

She was trained by her dad to survive. She’s used to taking hard knocks. But this battle will leave more than physical scars.

Siege is the dark, action-packed prequel to the Zero-Point Awakening Series: a quirky serialized science-fiction thriller.

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