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a nostalgic romantic comedy novelette

Lucy’s perfect 18th summer plan:


  1. Get a job. (A real job at a veterinary practice.) ✔️


  1. Give cooking lessons to my brother’s best friend in exchange for rides to work. ✔️


  1. Seduce said brother’s best friend, so I don’t have to go to college a virgin. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️


  1. Don’t fall in love. ✔️…?


At least some things go to plan.


This prequel to FORGET ABOUT ME, Boston Classics #2, tells the story of the sweet childhood friendship and steamy teenage affair between vivacious, mixtape-obsessed Lucy Minola and soulful-with-a-sly-sense of humor Ben Porter.

"This is a freebie for Karen Grey newsletter subscribers or if you're a member of her FB group, "WICKED SMAHT RETRO ROM COM READERS". I was just about to dive in to my advance copy of Forget About Me when this gem was delivered to my inbox. Set in the late 70s & early 80s - this is a quick and adorable novella introducing us to Ben & Lucy, a glimpse into how they met, and Grey even manages to give us several sexy and hilarious scenes. I know, ahem, things happened in vans… but not quite like that! Lovers of the Best Friend’s Sister/Brother’s Best Friend tropes will adore this. Note: While Ben is introduced in book 1, What I'm Looking For - having read it isn't necessary to enjoy this. Especially because this is set years before."
Rellim Reads, Five Star Goodreads & Blog review


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