Sinful Devotion


When loving someone is the most dangerous thing you can do


Bodyguards aren’t supposed to fall in love with their charges. But I’m pretty sure whoever made up that dumb rule never laid eyes on a woman like Justine. Now, I’ve fallen for the one woman I can’t have. And it’s going to cost her life.


Brooding, mysterious, and hot as hell, Jack had been my virtual shadow for almost three months. And if we can both stay alive long enough, I might just fall head over heels for him. When loving someone is the most dangerous thing you can do, how do you stop?

Warning this novella has a hot bodyguard, a motel with one bed, steamy love scenes, and a swoon-worthy HEA. If that’s your preferred poison, get your copy today!

Last Bite

A vampire, an orphan teen, and a life of turmoil. New York has a major problem, Shadea. A certified killer,


t was late Friday evening when they discovered the body. The lovely teenage girl had been dead more than a

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