Singles Retreat


Capri, Italy. Absolutely no better place in the world to fall in love!

Ren Hawkins spent too many frigid Minnesota winters without a partner to warm her bed. Her husband died just as they’d started their family, and she wholly dedicated herself to raising two beautiful young women. After twenty years, her girls have started their own lives, and Ren is ready to begin her next chapter. With trembling fingers, she opens the email—the confirmed itinerary from Love Abroad. She’s decided this is way overdue. She’s taking control of her love life. She’s going to an exclusive singles retreat on the romantic Mediterranean island. But the most outlandish part; she’ll finally come face to face with a man she’s only met online . . . Jaxon.

Jaxon Andolini, a corporate hotshot in New York, has actively resisted two things in life—following in his father’s political footsteps and women. Having never known a relationship that turned into a happily ever after, he swore off dating. But about a year ago after a couple of drinks, a colleague registered him on a website. Days later, curiosity got the better of him and he logged in, cynically thinking it would be more entertaining than watching television. Fast forward a year, and he can hardly believe he’s planning to hop on a plane to Italy, to a singles retreat, to meet her . . . Ren.

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