Sister’s Arrogant Boyfriend


Innocence Corrupted

He’s grabbing my sister’s ass right in front of me.

He’s licking her neck and nuzzling her ear. He’s even brushing his thumbs against her nipples through the flimsy fabric of her top

What the heck?

I’m sitting on the couch right next to them!

He’s obviously doing it on purpose. He even grinned at me when my sister squeezed his crotch.

I wish they’d stop. It’s disgusting. It’s distracting.

I’m just trying to watch a movie.

Not like I can even pay attention to it. My eyes keep darting to the side to see what he’s doing to her next.

Oh my God did he just push his fingers down the front of her shorts?

That’s it! I’m going to my room!

I’m so damn wet.

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