Small Town Charm


A small-town friends-to-lovers romance!

Hazel Alvarez was an internet sensation…

…for a month or so. She tried to leverage her hit YouTube song into a record deal, but her old-school country sound didn’t mix well with her slick producers. Now she’s back in good old Lyndale, Texas, tail tucked between her legs, to start her life all over again.

John Chapman is an archaeologist.

Or so he tries to remind his Senator mother who’s prepping for a presidential run. Try as he might, he can’t wriggle out of her upcoming political fundraiser, and if he doesn’t bring a date, she’ll find him one.

John and Hazel are just friends.

So there’ll be no trouble at all pretending to date in front of his mother, sister, and the entire political elite of Dallas, Texas. It’s not like they’ve been secretly pining or anything. Besides, Hazel just ran screaming from the demands of the spotlight. Dating a potential First Son is way more than she could ever handle.


"Sweet story about two friends finding their way in life and finding their way into each other's hearts. I thought the story was entertaining and definitely a heartwarming read. I love a short story with heart."
5 Star Goodreads Review

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