Something in the Water Book One: DROWNING


A missing scientist with a lethal discovery. An unknown organisation with a global agenda for murder and a new detective, who is good at ice hockey.

‘Not Yet Detective’ Charles Burns hasn’t joined a newly formed task force yet. That was supposed to happen Monday. But a brilliant young scientist has disappeared, and an unknown organisation has plans to weaponise his discovery.

There goes the weekend…

Dr Nicholas Veda believed he could prevent the deaths of millions. But something went wrong on the way to saving the world, and now his discovery could become a weapon against humanity in the wrong hands.

“Drowning” follows Burns and Major Crimes Unit 2 as they race to find the scientist and stop his discovery from becoming a WMD.

"A real page turner! The concept fits right into the fears of our modern world. Fears of technology and science excaping our morals and being used against us. The author draws us in with rich, fully realized characters and then takes us on a fast paced journey to save the world! I really enjoyed it."
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