Hex & Sex Steamy Romance Featuring Sister Witches in Los Angeles

For witches, Halloween is the absolute worst day of the year.

Mina, the youngest of the Donovan Legacy sisters, knows she shouldn’t leave the safety of protection wards on Halloween. But she can’t resist a friend’s invitation.

She meets a mystery man who is tall, dark, and sexy. Even better, he’s a gamer. Too bad he’s a real player as well.

Read the prequel that gives a sneak peek into the Donovan sisters and the Legacy series.

Praise for the first book in the Legacy Series:
This story is so much more than just a romance! So much in this story will keep the reader engaged, it will be very hard to put the book down! 5 Stars InD’tale Magazine

[F]resh, exciting, spicy, and the on-the-edge of your seat mystery that is woven into the plot keeps you hooked until the very last page. Books I Love a Latte

Tides of Time has something for almost anyone: romance, suspense, mystery, and magic. 5 Stars GoodReads Reviewer

Sex, magic, and mystery. Loved it!! 5 Stars GoodReads Reviewer

Cold Justice

Gunnery Sergeant Ed “Mase” Mason can’t sleep. His dreams are haunted by the ghosts of his platoon members, crying out

Petrified Wood

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