Splitting Dusk: A Splitting Worlds Novella


Caelyn has no idea that she is the last living Angel/Demon/Human "Hybrid", but her world changes when an Angel Sorcerer and his twin Demon King brother drag her right into the middle of their millennia-long family feud.

Caelyn, a recent law school graduate turned part-time barista, is trying to make a life for herself beyond her grandparent’s strict control. When a dark, other-worldly man defends Caelyn from a would-be-mugger, she realizes that he knows more about her than she herself can imagine.

Swept away into the shadows of a world that Caelyn never knew existed, she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of a feud between a Demon King older than her world itself and his Angel Sorcerer brother.

Can a mortal woman find a way to end an eternal war?

"Katherine's quill is addictive, to put it simply, and I couldn't stop reading for a single moment! Where can I get an Aya!? Or a Rin of my own!?!? I've grown so fond of all the characters over the span of, I repeat, only 70 pages! Can't wait for the next novella in the Splitting World series, which the author has already said will revolve around our favourite Tengu warrior princess. I need more! Keep those novellas coming, Katherine!"
Gee - Official Reedsy Reviewer (Goodreads Review)

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