Stones Left Unturned


A Cozy Mystery with an unsolved Mystery

Marie Callaghan lives a simple life since her younger sister Kendra was murdered 13 years ago. Dave is her constant companion since that fateful time, moving to Allentown just days after Kendra went missing. Marie is happy to forget the past but the past won’t let her forget it. A mysterious package, a series of threats, and the return of her one true love Chris make it impossible to leave behind. A transient man remains in jail for killing Kendra but with the new threats, the case is opened again.

Are the detectives able to weave their ways through a small town’s lifetime of lies and deceit to find the real killer before he strikes again?


It was supposed to be a simple job: open the tomb, steal the treasure. And afterward, Maku would be able

Blood Scent

After the loss of his girlfriend Jesse, druid-trained hunter Colin McCool swore off monster-hunting for good. Now a rogue vampire

Before Banshee

Sixteen-year-old, half-fairy Kadi Quinn leads a quiet life living with her uncle. That is until she meets her first banshee.

The Butcher of Scarlet Hollow

Epifania’s small town is plagued by murders. Some people say it’s werewolves killing residents. Some people say someone is killing werewolves.

About the Author

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