The Australian Sandstone Series

Leary Contracting has to build it–the tallest hotel Sydney has ever seen. At 55, John Leary employs both his sons in his construction company, but the one he favours is his first-born, Richard. Meanwhile Richard’s half-brother, Brendan, gains the respect of the Leary workers because he has ‘bricks in his blood’.

John begins the massive hotel project, overcoming city red tape and the jabs of his fiercest competitor. The Imperial dwarfs all around it, with hundreds of workers busting their guts to finish the brutal program. Richard, charming but unreliable, marries well and dazzles the Sydney society of 1885, while Brendan proves himself tougher than he looks whenever real work is required.

John must choose which of his sons will lead Learys into the next century. Only after the Imperial is completed does he make his decision.


This is the third book in The Australian Sandstone Series and like the two previous, can be read as a standalone book.

"As with each book in this series, Beashel’s skill at storytelling is amazing. Not only are the details and descriptions vivid and compelling but the raw emotion is there as well. One cannot help but feel the pain and sense of impending loss that each character experiences based on their own doubts and abilities. This book tackles the emotional drive that parents feel in regard to their own legacy and handing control over to their children. I am delighted to have read the three books of The Australian Sandstone Series; however, I am sad it is over. I enjoyed Beashel’s writing style. I look forward to reading more by this author, he is truly gifted."
by Audio Book Reviewer US

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