Swipe Right: How To Successfully Navigate Modern Dating


Dating Hacks for Quality Matches!

Do you find that others seem to always be getting more matches on Tinder than you?

Have you ever been ghosted and don’t know why?

Do you wish you were more confident in getting a date?

Swipe Right: How To Successfully Navigate Modern Dating
goes into these common problems and shows you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths in the dating world.

Inside this book:

Learn the Secrets to
Effortlessly Attract People
Have More First Dates

Master Dating Apps
Meeting People in Real Life

Go from First Message to First Date
with Expert Tips Guiding You to Success
and more…

"This dating book offers practical and valuable advice for those in the dating world. Everything from tips on how to create an honest but memorable online profile to how to make a first date go smoothly, daters everywhere will find this book useful. With a positive, encouraging tone and a focus on learning from past mistakes and understanding yourself, this book is great guide for anyone who wants to improve their dating situation."
5 Star Amazon Review

Unstable Ground

Four years ago, Kendall Morgan left Northern California, and the man who loved her, to take a high paying job

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