Sword Against Darkness, A Chronomancer Novella


A Betrayed Daughter and Warrior, Thief, and Archer in two short stories, One Amazing Novella!

A daughter of nobility faces a dark enemy within her own family. Good must triumph over evil, but will Adelaise have the courage to stand up against everything she loves?

The first book is Blade of Betrayal, a short story about Adelaise the Red, a character who appears early in Book 2 of the Chronomancer Series: Schools of Magic. There’s enough about this character’s agonizing past to deserve her own story, and her sword deserves special mention by Book 3: End of Magic.

Blade of Betrayal came about as a contest entry for the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. It was an honorable mention in 2020.

“Hail and well met, I am Sigurd, thief and warrior, perhaps you have heard of me?” Sigrud is raider from the north who turns his back on his culture and strikes out on his own to create his own path in the grey between law and order.

He’s one of my favorite characters and needed his own story to bring him to life for Book 2: Schools of Magic.

Thank you for reading these short stories, and I hope you head over to buy Soul of Magic.

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