Take A Little Risk


A Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy Series Novella

A girl shouldn’t need to engage in crazy antics to gain her fiancé’s attention, but here I am . . . leaving the resort and hoping James follows . . . walking along this beach at night . . . stopping under a palm tree . . . stripping down to my toenail polish and plunging into the ocean. Which so isn’t me. I’m dull and uptight according to James – at least since we’ve been on this island to compete in this ridiculous reality TV show.

I’ve always known that risks come with consequences – this one being that, just as I emerge from the water, the electricity all over the island goes out, leaving me stranded . . . blind and cowering in the sand… soaked and shivering and naked. Plus, the guy who followed me isn’t my fiancé; he’s a stranger named Mitch, and it’s so dark we can’t see each other, which is lucky for me since I can’t find my swimsuit. I would’ve never guessed that I could be attracted to a man without seeing him. But I find myself hoping James doesn’t show up, that the lights stay off, and that taking one more little risk is exactly what I need to do.

Do you enjoy romantic comedy novellas with amusing cute meets? Do you love stories like The Hookup Equation by Roxie Noir and Meet Cute by Helena Hunting? Then you’ll love Take A Little Risk, a Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy novella. Look also for Spark A Little Flame, Dream A Little Dream, Make A Little Wish, & Be My Little Baby.

Author’s note: Each book in the Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy series stands alone & can be read in any order.


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