Taken: An Alien Invasion Quick Read


She's too much risk to be alive, but too precious to be killed.

The assignment is easy: kill the witness.

Until I walk in on the target yanking his female mate across the floor by her hair, her legs bloodied and her face bruised. One shot disables his brain functions, leaving me with as many witnesses as I started out with. When the Earth woman stares at me, my finger stiffens on the trigger. I should kill her but I just… can’t.

Now she demands I leave her husband’s body behind, and I am wondering if should take hers instead.

Taken is a quick, steamy read, introducing readers to my new Alien Invasion Romance series Garrison Earth. The hero has never done it before, but hey, I still managed to make him last 30 – 60 minutes for the average reader 😉

Author note: If domestic violence as a trigger for you, please consider before downloading.

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