Tangling with the Father of the Bride


I’ve dreamt about the things he wanted. Could I do what he wants, what he needs?

He’s an ex-marine with attitude, PTSD, and dark fantasies I couldn’t play a part in.

I asked him to leave so he could heal, to find out what would make him whole again.

Now our daughter is getting married. I haven’t seen him in four years. Two days together, pretending to get along for the sake of our family, testing my sanity and my need for him.

I’ve dreamt about the things he wanted. Could I do what he wants, what he needs?

Maybe it’s what I needed all along too.

Introducing the Tangling Series

Each short story in this series features characters who make a decision to live their lives to the fullest and that includes experiencing White hot sexy times. When each heroine is presented the opportunity to tangle with the one they desire–sometimes it’s a second chance and sometimes it’s with a friend or enemy–they go all in.

Each story guarantees a HEA and/or HFN. No cheating, no cliffhanger, no triggers.

~When you’re looking for a short, hot romance, choose a White-hot story.

Standalone stories – enjoy in any order ♥

Tangling with the Father of the Bride – Now available

Tangling with the Brewmaster 06/25/2021

Tangling with the Cowboy 07/16/2021

Tangling with the Movie Star – coming soon!

Tangling with the Tattoo Artist – coming soon!

Tangling with the Hero – coming soon!

"...a hot, sexy ride of a short story. ~ Advanced Reviewer"

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