Teaching Her a Lesson: (Class is in Session Book 1)


Chloe Rivers, sometimes referred to as Miss Rivers during our meetings, instantly hooked me.
After moving states, I didn’t exactly strive to get people to love me but was drawn to Chloe the first day I met her.
Voicing the way I really feel didn’t always come out right.
It seemed we bickered more than we really talked, so imagine my surprise when I fell in love with her.

Owen Masters, “The Ginger with the accent.”
That’s what I called him in my head the first time we met, but then I really got to know him. Then it got shortened to “asshole.”
It seemed that everything he said just aggravated me.
That was until I got to know him outside the conference room.
Falling in love with him was never a part of the plan.

Teaching Her a Lesson is a sweet and steamy romance between two elementary school teachers who butt heads in the beginning, but learn that nothing is what it seems when you take a chance on someone and really get to know them. This is the first story in the Class is in Session series. No Cliffhangers!

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