Teasing the Tiger


How is not recognizing a mate even possible?

Veterinarian Mitch Jacobson might be human, but he is well aware shifters exist. After all, his sister is mated to a bear. Called to assist with a patient emergency, he soon discovers shooting a tiger with a tranquilizer dart isn’t the wisest decision he’s ever made. Not when the predatory feline turns out to be a female with the most beautiful pair of emerald green eyes he’s ever seen.

There is nothing more Hannah Lawrence loves to do then write her mystery novels. The only reason she came to the Colorado resort was to finish her book in time to make her deadline. Her allergy problems and inability to scent properly have gotten her into trouble before, but she never expected to wake up in a strange male’s bed. And definitely not a handsome male who makes her inquisitive feline purr—something only a true mate should be able to do.

When Mitch discovers the local forest rangers want to rid the countryside of Hannah’s cat and that she is also the target of a stalker, he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

"Oh my Lord I loved it!!! Mitch and Hannah were perfect. This is the first book from the Seneca Falls Shifter series that I have read. But the little bits and pieces of the characters and I know I will be reading them very soon. This book was entertaining as all get out. I would highly recommend. Happy reading!"
5 Star Amazon Review


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