The Angel Years



“What a story!” – Amazon reviewer

After the Johnson family learns the youngest daughter is pregnant and unwed, they devise an elaborate plan to keep it a secret from the outside world.
Part of that plan includes a lavish lie which is designed to make the scheme seem more believable.
Once the child was born, however, this lie would not only come true, but change the lives of every member of the family.
A story about an unwed mother, sibling rivalry, dark family secrets and a visit from an angel.

"This was the perfect read for a rainy afternoon. Once I started this quirky little tale, I was drawn into the lives of these people and couldn't wait to see how it would all turn out. It was very interesting and unique and the author's style of writing kept the plot moving quickly, compelling you to turn the pages. I'd definitely read more by this author. If you're looking for something interesting to read over a lunch hour or two, you won't go wrong with this one. I could not put it down. A very interesting book with a great story line! I love the author's style and imagination; it immediately drew me into the lives of the characters. I'll be reading more of his work! Beautiful story! Such a beautiful tale, well presented. True to family dynamics, with love and conflict in equal measure. Well worth the read."
5 Star Amazon reviews

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