The Boy Who Wasn’t There


A thief and a sex worker in Amsterdam find their lives threatened after a chance encounter

In this speculative short fiction story from the Dreamscapes: 4 Tales of the Supernatural anthology, a thief and a sex worker in Amsterdam unexpectedly cross paths in a way that threatens both of their lives.

Max is a thief who prides himself on being so stealthy that it’s like he was never there at all. He doesn’t find many things in life to be worth doing if a payday isn’t involved. Skye is a sex worker in Amsterdam’s red light district who dreams of a better life. When she walks into the same coffeeshop as Max on a rainy day in Amsterdam, they discover that their lives are connected in a way that threatens them both. Max must choose between his “every man for himself” mentality and saving the one person he thinks can make him a better man. A story of love, loss, and redemption in the unlikeliest of places.

"I could almost feel the damp drizzle of a cold Amsterdam night while reading this captivating short story. Helvig’s rich story and connection with the characters is mesmerizing - even more so that she accomplishes this over such a brief tale. Looking forward to more excitement from this talented author!"
5-Star Amazon Review

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