The Broska Bruiser


A smalltown boy. A pile of cash. A horde of Cossacks on the horizon.

When teenager Alex Cohen gets fed up running the shtetl’s local gambling den, he hatches a plot to make a sack of cash out of a bareknuckle fight. Only trouble is he must double-cross his gangland boss and trust a stranger with a solid jaw and greedy heart. As the fight ends, the extermination of the Jews in his village begins. Will he collect his money and escape with his family before they are murdered?

The prequel to the Alex Cohen series is a violent historical novella, which slams a fist into the Cohen family’s time in the Ukraine during the Pogroms. Leopold Borstinski’s gripping crime noir punches at the kidneys of every reader.

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"What a violent, doublecrossing world Alex lives in! "
GoodReads 5 Star Review

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