The Chronicles of the Mira


A Whimsical Young Adult Fantasy

Three girls help to restore peace between two noble cultures that never grow old, the Mira and the Scintillates, in this YA fantasy filled with adventure, sweet romance, and whimsical magic.

In a forest of eternal autumn, two sisters with very different temperaments make a pact with a magic song that will change their lives forever.

A girl with a wild spirit and a wonderful gift of song befriends a special horse that can fly without wings, but when its rarity places it in grave danger, the girl will stop at nothing to save her new friend.

An intriguing romance develops between a mysterious healer with a notorious reputation for wooing unsuspecting girls and breaking their hearts, and the young lady who loves him enough to discover the dark curse he is trapped within.

These three magical tales weave together to craft The Chronicles of the Mira, perfect for fans of Narnia, fairy tales, and Diana Wynne Jones.

"This book literally kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Each story took you down a different emotional path and you feel every ounce of feeling from pain to love. I couldnt of asked for anything better to get a good heart felt reading in. I cant wait to see what else this universe Amiel has created has to offer!!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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