The Dragon Seer


The world is in trouble but the Seer is busy...

Why can’t everyone understand, Serahaan is busy?

The dragon can’t shake her fascination with Bittermint, even if it does stink up her cave and eat up her time. But when a dwarf shows up unannounced at her door, she agrees to take a break and treat an old friend to dinner.

When an unexpected elf arrives, Serahaan must put aside the puzzling plant for an even more puzzling problem with wizards. Can dragon, dwarf, and elf work together to save their world from a nefarious scheme?

And can Serahaan solve the mystery of Bittermint, which calls to her no matter what she does?

The Dragon Seer is a clean fantasy adventure. If you like wise dragons, practical dwarves and elves with a sense of adventure, you’ll love this story set in the world of Norn.

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