The Earth is Flat


Here is the Evidence

The very fact of training the Astronauts, or presumed such, in a huge swimming pool to prepare them for “going out into space”, is in contrast, once again, with the simplest laws of physics and common sense.
As those who practice Scuba Diving know very well, I am one of these, when you dive you “suffer” a pressure from the water that increases with depth.
And it is clear, in the first instance, that the equipment used under the surface of the water must have technical and mechanical characteristics that absolutely do not correspond to the characteristics required in the VACUUM.
The Atmospheric Pressure at which we live is, always according to our extraordinary “scientists” and scholars, of about 1 Atm, corresponding to the pressure exerted by a mercury column on a surface of 1 square cm, at a Temperature of 0 ℃ at the level of the sea.
Reporting everything in Scientific “language”, we can write that we live on average at a Pressure equal to 1.01325 x 10^5 Pa (Pa stands for Pascal) = 1 Atm.
When we dive into the sea, we say only 2 meters below the sea level, we “undergo” a pressure equal to about 10% more than atmospheric pressure while, if we “dive” into the Vacuum of Space, the theoretical pressure (because it has NEVER been tested here on Earth) it is equal to at least 0.0001 Pa but it is theorized that it can be equal to 3 x 10^-15 Pa.
We are talking about a pressure 10 to 20 times lower !!!
So NASA causes the Astronauts to exercise in an environment, the Water one, whose conditions are completely opposite to those of the Space void. Very curious !


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