The Exorcism of Frosty the Snowman


Do you want to build a snowman?

There is a war raging unseen for the souls of children.

In the frozen north, children link hands in a ritual circle and sing a song they never learned to summon a primordial enemy they never knew existed. The only man who knows the truth, an Inquisitorial agent called Hunter, must track the creature through the vastness of the tundra, through the dangers of the Christmas Forest, to the gates of the citadel of the Red Saint himself.

He’s just a fairytale, they say.

They are wrong.

"I lost count of all the easter eggs in this snarky bit of a fractured {Grimm} fairy tale. Be prepared to have your childhood wryly laid out and then blown to bits (or set aflame, or just shot). This is Brendan Fraser's "Mummy" teamed with Van Helsing. It's an SNL "Who's Who" of Christmas nursery-time cloaked in the Grimm darkness of "What if all your favorite children's stories about Christmas were really hiding a sinister truth?""
Mark S.

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