The First Encounter


He’s fighting with his past. She’s sent to show him a future. Will Lexie succeed in her mission, or will Elliott stay trapped in the torment of his previous life?

Everyone thinks ex-mercenary Elliott Harris is dead, and he wants to keep it that way. And he’s spent the last year trying to redeem his past. But he doesn’t know how to fix his last mission—the one that resulted in the death of a child.

Still grieving the death of her baby girl, Lexie Baltimore follows God’s leading to help Elliott when he’s struck by a car. But helping him forces her to venture into emotional places she’s not  sure she can handle.

Can Elliott risk sharing his darkest secret? Will Lexie be able to convince him he’s not the one responsible before time runs out?

Canary and the Mothman

This book is dedicated to all of you that are currently surviving that deafening family SILENCE. …an inspired-by-true-events tale of

Tabula Rasa

Rookie archeological agent Jonathan Jarl is on his first mission to retrieve a stolen, priceless artifact but a megalomaniac corporate

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