The Four Suitors


Being courted by four suitors to claim the crown wasn't part of this princess's plan.

Quick-witted and confident, Princess Laetitia of Avaritia always gets what she wants—until her 17th nameday ball. The King and Queen, believing marriage will rein in their daughter’s rebellious nature, surprise the Princess with not one, but four suitors: a philosopher, an astronomer, an artist and a necromancer.

If Laetitia can’t learn at least one suitor’s craft and prove herself to be a worthy wife, she will lose her crown—the one thing she cares about most. Laetitia irks her suitors as much as she can while learning as little as possible about them—and their so-called “crafts.”

But when she and Sir Blaxton resurrect one of the many peasants who have died recently from an unprecedented disease, the corpse’s cryptic words about his death set them on a race to find answers: What is the disease? How is it spreading so quickly? And why is it affecting only the peasants?

As Laetitia tries to find answers, she uncovers a web of corruption with a stranglehold on her kingdom. Like it or not, she’s going to need the help of all four of her suitors—even if they end up putting their own lives on the line.

"The Four Suitors is an enthralling young adult fantasy, full of adventure, action, and mystery.⁣ The intriguing, fast-paced plot draws the readers instantly and keep them glued through a gushing mystery with unexpected bends. ⁣ Sophie's characterization is throbbing as she befits them in the spectacular realm. The witty, strong female protagonist's trails keep the readers engaged. ⁣ The author's writing style is authentic with spellbinding details that paint vivid images. The plot narration has brilliant stratagem.⁣ An exciting fantasy with a rebellious protagonist is a special treat for YA readers. ⁣ 5 stars for the creative plot. Highly recommended to the readers of fantasy and YA books.⁣"
Blue Reviews - 5 Star Amazon Review

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