The Fox and the Train


An autistic boy and overly imaginative girl learn to work together to save people trapped in a mine.

“Sometimes the most important battles are the ones that look like they cannot be won, but we fight anyway. Fight now, little one, or your fear will bring death.”

Isolated in a village surrounded by deep snow, thirteen year old Anna loses herself in the fairytales of the forbidding forest behind her house. Benny, an autistic inventor, becomes her only friend as she watches her family leave one by one.

When disaster strikes in the coal mine, men from the village are trapped underground, including Anna’s brother. The only train to the mine is destroyed and the adults of the village quickly lose hope for their loved ones.

But Anna and Benny refuse to give up and become the miners’ only chance of salvation, travelling through the dark forest alone. Between those frozen trees, things aren’t as they seem and soon Anna finds herself in a beautiful but dangerous fairytale of her own.

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Gunnery Sergeant Ed “Mase” Mason can’t sleep. His dreams are haunted by the ghosts of his platoon members, crying out

Petrified Wood

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