The Genteel Lady’s Guide to Practical Living


An essential manual of etiquette for women of refinement

Your dearest friend divulges a scandalous secret, whilst your brother spends far too much time at the gaming tables. At every turn, you’re uncertain whom to trust and whose good intentions can be believed.

Fret not. Filled with basic strictures every proper young lady should know in order to function with modesty, grace, and dignity, this code of behavior points ladies in the right direction. An indispensable guide of advice and conduct, the manual guides the reader from drawing room to the ballroom with elegance and sophistication.

This charmingly witty guide, taken straight from the pages of Collette Cameron’s The Blue Rose Regency Romances: The Culpepper Misses, is a fictional collection of bits and bobs and is meant to be entertaining and amusing. It is not a factual source for Regency Era social customs or etiquette rules, nor are the quotations strictly era accurate or original.

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