The Hidden Duchess.


A Haughty Duchess and a Stubborn Peasant Farmer. Sparks will fly!

Celeste, duchesse de Saint Tours is forced into hiding with her peasant cousins to avoid arrest for her husband’s murder. She doesn’t expect to be put to work as a peasant farmer. Neither does she expect to enjoy it.

And she certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with her handsome cousin, Marcel.

To her surprise, she discovers a feeling of purpose and belonging that she never felt before.

But when her identity is revealed, Celeste and Marcel will need to fight, not only for their love, but for Celeste’s very life, as revolutionary forces close in.

Alys Beach Fling

When the meddlesome Peaches, Rob’s most sought-after potential client, tries to set him up on a blind date, he asks

Daisy Fields

Download a free bonus story by following the link inside! A gentle soul searching for sincerity in an insincere world.

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