The Intersect: A Novel


When life veers off course, strangers find comfort and lasting connection

Winner of a National Indie Excellence Award, Arizona Authors Association Award, and Readers’ Favorite Award.

When Dave and Charlie relocate from the Bay Area to Phoenix, tensions ratchet up in their relationship as Charlie insists on buying a house on the grounds of the Arizona Biltmore while Dave contemplates leaving his job. Daisy, a spry septuagenarian, shows up at their door unaware that her greedy relatives have sold the home. Charlie assumes the older woman is Dave’s aunt from Chicago and welcomes her into the guestroom. Meanwhile, across town, Anna, a gifted psychic is concerned about her neighborhood. She hires a handyman to install motion detectors unaware that he entered the United States illegally as a child. When Henry, a homeless gay teen, attempts to rob Anna, Ernie intervenes which leads to Ernie’s deportation. And so begins The Intersect, as relationships unravel, secrets are revealed, love blossoms and injustice leads to a thrilling climax.

"Romance, human connection, the link between the living and the dead...punctuated by humorous episodes that will keep the reader entertained. This is a story that rings with originality; it is well-crafted and exhilarating"
Reader's Favorite


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